In the past two years MSSA through the active
participation in the Erazmus plus project
„Equity and social inclusion through positive
parenting“ has held three parent trainings
which were delivered to parents with children
with ASD. The first three parent trainings were
conducted by our colleages from England and
Cyprus in the special school „Zlatan Sremec“
and „Idnina“ in Skopje. The fourth parent
training session was held in the special school
„Maca Ovcarova“ in Veles where for the first
time the trainers were from Macedonia. The
training session was held in the 18th and 19th
of June each day and it started at 10 am. The
trainers that held the parent training sessions
were Phd Jasmina Trosanska, Ana Sikaleska
and Jurtoski Filip. In this parent training session
there were six modules that were presented to
the parents across the two days of training and
they are all consistent with different thematic
about children with ASD. Thee modules were
selected after an extensive research in which
the aim was to find out which modules would
the parents like to have training for so that they
might find out more about their children. The
training session started in 10 am on the 18th
of June. There were more then ten attending
parents in these sessions. The training session 

was opened by prof. d-r Vladimir Trajkovski,
who thanked the parents for their interest and
attendance and represented the ESIPP project
and its goals. Phd Jasmina Trosanska began
the training session with the first module titled
„Introduction in Autism“ after a short break
Jurtoski Filip began the second module for the
day „Understanding and managing challenging
behaviors“ and the third module was presented
by Ana Sikaleska titled „Managing sensory
sensitivity“. The parents during the training
session on the first day showed great interest
for the training, and were constantly active and
open for discussion and sharing their experience
amongst each other and with the trainers.
The session ended in 15:30 pm. On the 19th
of June the second session of the parent training
began at 10 am. The second session began
with the lecture of d-r Jasmina Trosanska titled
„Communication and its influence on behavior“
after a short break Jurtoski Filip continued
with the second module for the second
session of the parent training titled „ Positive
approaches towards social development and social
interaction“, and the second session of the
parent training was closed with the lecture of
Ana Sikaleska titled „ The importance of visual
structure and its implementation“. The second
session and the overall parent training ended
in 15:30. The parents during the discussion
showed their gratitude for the trainings and for
choosing Veles as the location to held the trainings
and expressed to have more trainings from
this type because they really feel the need and
necessity to learn more about their children.
The ESIPP team thanked them for their interest
and words of praise. The team announced that
there will be more trainings but in other cities
and that soon in October or November we will
have a conference in Skopje in which they are
all invited to attend


ESIPP, parenting, autism, project

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