Multiplier Event and Transnational Meeting #6
was held as a part of the ESIPP project in the
period from 28- 30 of June in Northampton,
The Multiplier event was held at King’s Park
Conference Centre, on the 28th June. After the
registration of the 80 guests, Professor David
Preece from the UON introduced the ESIPP
project. Presentations and parent voices from
Macedonia, Cyprus and Croatia were presented
through videos. In the second part of the event,
presentations were introduced by Debby Elley
( mother of two children with autism) and from
Meike Illing-Whitby ( OT from Germany) on
the subject “Motor Coordination differences
in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
(ASD)”. The event fi nished with evaluations
and a plenary.
On Thursday 29 June at the UON, the
meeting started with introductions and
update from the Project Management
workstream (David Preece and Paul
Bramble), reporting about activity since the
last meeting and interim report – feedback
and actions to maximise project success.
Paul Bramble gave a fi nances update.
Jasmina Troshanska gave an update of 

Internal QA. After that, Cristina Fernandez
gave a dissemination update. The second
part of the meeting was feedback &
discussion about the Multiplier Event
in Croatia, planning for Skopje, Cyprus
and Croatia regarding the next Multiplier
Events and Transnational Meetings, ME
content including publicity/links to policy
makers , autism parent training roadmap
launch (Cyprus March 18), TM 7-8 dates
and locations. Paul Bramble talked about
impact indicators. The meeting ended with
a session led and facilitated by Gareth Long,
external auditor, about maximising impact
and sustainability and achieving ESIPP’s
goals, and a plenary session.
On Friday 30 June, in the Senate Building of
UON the second meeting took place. There
were two parallel sessions in two separate
rooms . In room 1 partners were analysing
content and delivery of Parent Training
Programme, and in room 2 David Preece,
Jasmina Troshanska and Loisos Simeou
did an evaluation of the Parent Training
Programme. The second part of the meeting
was in one room - feedback sessions to the
whole team , focus on impact, sustainability,
outputs, outcomes, indicators and also
feedback from the two groups. The meeting
ended with thoughts about priorities and
actions to be undertaken.
The next Multiplier #3 conference is in Skopje,
Macedonia on the 1th of November 2017, and
the Transanational meeting # 7 will take place
on the 2 and 3 of November 2017 in Skopje.


ESIPP, parenting, autism, project

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