Editorial Preface

Vladimir E Trajkovski


Dear readers,This year the Institute of Special Educationand Rehabilitation celebrates its 20th anniversary.Twenty years thorny road in the direction of educating students for one of most humane sciences,and that is, undoubtedly, special education and rehabilitation. These are the years during which theInstitute was strengthening its position on the map ofInstitutes at the Faculty of Philosophy and theUniversity “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje andto become one of the most influential instituteswith a strong impact in the regional framework. Onthis occasion we are planning to celebrate thisanniversary with an international conference thatwill be held in the Hotel Metropol in Ohrid from17 to 19 October this year. The call for submission ofthe papers is still open and we sincerely inviteyou to take active part in this important conference.Such is the situation with first publisher of themagazine and while it progressively steps its way into the leading science, the second publisher, Theassociation of Special Educators of the Republic ofMacedonia sinks in its decadence, refusing for asecond time to complete its material obligations undertaken by contract and thus calls into questionhis role as publisher.Meanwhile it begins with the publishing of professional journal “SpecialEducation and Rehabilitation” for which ourredaction sincerely congratulates them, butby doingthat, it performs parallelism in publishing and closes the doors as second publisher in our magazine.At this point I would like to thank for the cooperation of two members of the editorial office that inthe last edition completed their working duties: IrenaItova and Hristina Mitreva. In this edition theirpositions were taken by Slavica Petrovic translator from English to Macedonian and vice versa,Alexandra Petkovska Anastasov Lecturer in English Language and Ana Petkovska technicalsecretary of the editorial board. I wish them all asuccessful, fruitful and long-time work in order toimprove the quality of the magazine.The fact that rejoices is that in this editionthere are a number of international authors from thefollowing countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran,China, Korea, Nigeria, the United States and Macedonia.What would the readers read in this edition?The special education and rehabilitation sectionconsists of three papers relating: the stress ofparents of children with developmental disabilities andtheir support, the influence of the work of specialeducators and rehabilitation therapist in regularschools on the relationship between students withdevelopmental disabilities and the psychosocialinfluence of the hearing impairment on interpersonal relationships of youths with hearingimpairment in Nigeria. In the second section you can read an interesting thesis:Development of finemotor and visual-motor integration in children of preschool age.In the psychological sectionreaders will meet two papers for measuring the self-esteem in the deaf / hard of hearing students anda comparison of the self-efficacy and hope between students with learning disabilities and studentswithout learning difficulties. In the world news the readers will learn about the inclusion of childrenwith intellectual and multiple disabilities: an approach of rehabilitation based on the community inIndia.In the news and information section there are useful information about Open Access week, about theproject COST-ESSEA program, about the collaboration between the Rotary Club from Skopje andMSSA and an announcement of the international conference that will be held in October in Ohrid. Inthis edition there is also an abstract of a master’s thesis: Barriers faced by young people withdisabilities in the Republic of Macedonia through everyday life. The edition ends with the regularcolumns: Bibliography, List of reviewers and authors Index.Yours sincerely,Editor-in-ChiefProf. Dr. Vladimir Trajkovski

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