On April 2nd, the Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism, for the fourth time organized an event on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Autism. The event with cultural and artistic character was held at the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle under the motto “They are not alone, we are with them”. The hu­g­e number of citizens only confirmed the mot­to. It seemed that the hall of the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle is too small for the warm hearts of the audience. More than 300 guests were present in the hall, among which there were children with autism and their families, prominent professors, doctors, special educators and rehabilitators, psychologists, students and other citizens with glad heart and will who decided to enrich the event with their presence.

The event was opened by the violinist Plamenka Trajkovska, which performed one song. After her, the President of the Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism, PhD. Vladimir Trajkovski delivered his speech. The professor told the parents of autistic children, who were present in large number, not to lose hope, to fight for their children, and that the Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism will provide tremendous support and assistance in this struggle.

The Minister, in his speech acknowledged that a daycare center for children with autism was opened in Skopje and noted that in future more daycare centers in major cities in the country will be opened. PhD. Vladimir Trajkovski awarded a certificate of gratitude to the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Mr. Dime Spasov, who had a significant contribution to the organization of this event. Then, there was a part in which those who were the reason for organization of this event, children with autism and a parent of a child with autism, Ms. Katerina Krsteska had their performance. At the beginning of her speech, Krsteska emphasized that the most important thing for this event is that so many parents of autistic children are here, and her speech is only part of what all parents of children with autism are feeling. Her speech fluttered even the strongest heart in the hall. Her speech ended with the thought “I love my child with autism and I will not stop fighting for him, Iwill do anything just to hear my child saying - I love you Mom”.

The program was enriched by our pride, here and in the world – the National Institution  “Tanec”, with performance by students from MBUC “Ilija Nikolovski - Luj” and with students from the Faculty of Music in Skopje.

The event was closed with the awarding of certificates of gratitude to the eminent members of MSSA and to the participants in this event. Host of the event was the actress Sanja Arsovska from the Drama Theater.

No one was less important than the other in this event. The participants in this event along with the event's organizers, the Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism enabled proper marking of the April 2nd – International day of persons with autism promising that MSSA would not just now, not only here, but will always be there for the persons with autism.


autism, 2nd April, Macedonia

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