Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation

Information For Authors

The Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation. (JSER) (ISSN 1409-6099) is peer review journal edited by the Institute of Special Education and Rehabilitation of the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje and Macedonian Association of Special Educators. The JSER supplies all kinds of sources of information such as scientific articles, clinical experiences, survey of cases, reviewed articles, Doctoral Dissertations, Master of Arts, papers and other contributions from all the fields of defectology, medicine, psychology, pedagogy and the related sciences. Special educators, medical doctors, psychologists, pedagogists and other employed in the public and private special schools, institutions and health departments in Republic of Macedonia and outside have the right to publish. Scripts submitted for publication in the journal become permanent ownership of Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation (JSER) in Skopje and cannot be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the author and the publisher. The nаme(s) of the author(s) and their surname(s) are obliged in the English text hereunder of the Macedonian Cyrillic alphabet into the English Latin alphabet.