Besa Havziu, Marina Bogojevska


The teacher teaches classes and teach students how to learn , with both educational and acts on them . To achieve better results in modern teaching in their educational work he needs to apply a range of educational methods including the encouragement which directs their behavior in a positive direction with the acquisition of knowledge , abilities , skills , values and attitudes .In modern teaching building of the interaction between the teacher and the student receives meaningful encouragement. The student is reversible informed of their progress in class by the teacher in a way that leads to further success . If the student is on track in the process of learning that is encouraged by the teacher and continues in order to achieve new success . The teacher through several types of signs and means of encouraging the student to lead the realization of the objectives of the class. But students often encounter obstacles and in these moments the teacher should be supportive to overcome them and achieve success. The assets and signs to encourage modern teaching are numerous and richer because this teaching method stems from the view that the student is an active subject in acquisition of knowledge and skills, and not just an passive receiver of information’s. According to this, our goal on this research is: to observe the view and frequency in applying the encouragement in general and the special means in the educational work, meaning, discovering who they are, how much they are foreseen and divided by the teachers in primary education. The given results should be used as discovering and overcoming the observed flaw in the educational work by teachers from the encouragement-applying aspect. Keywords: teacher, student, encouraging, signs of encouragement and encouragement means.

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