Sonja Veličković, Lazar Stošić


Leading the pedagogical documentation includes different ways of recording observations in the educational process and the development of the child, leading to a process of professionalization of the work of the teacher. This paper discussed the possibility of preparation of individual and group portfolio as a way of monitoring the development and progress of preschool children, preparation of professional portfolio and e - portfolio as an innovative way of monitoring the child and the professional development of educators in order to enhance and improve the quality of educational work in preschool organizations. Innovative kindergartens mean the innovative educators, so that the relationship of the teacher towards change is an important segment in the management of innovation in pre-school organizations. Today the teacher is not only a source of knowledge, but also organized the work motivator and initiator children’s activities, and he should be motivated, responsible, communicative, willing and open to continuous improvement and professional advancement. Keywords: portfolio, innovative educator, professionalization.

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