Florina Shehu


Reform changes in primary education cover areas that are relevant from an upbringing, educational, whole society, and social aspect. It is especially significant to review the students’ place in primary education in order to constantly initiate certain changes in terms of improving the quality of their role and participation in the upbringing and education, as well as in building their personality. Student participation in primary education is an issue determined by multiple factors and it covers certain aspects of legal, pedagogical, and social nature. The successful functioning of the factors and aspects regarding the stated issue is based on the modern views and opinions on the primary education mission. The essence and need for student participation in primary education is perceived in the development and respect of individual potentials and needs of the student, as well as in the promotion of tolerance, respect of diversity and individual, family, and civil responsibility, all of which contributes to the development of democracy and civil society. Student participation is an opportunity for enhanced achievement of inclusion in primary education and development of a culture of living and an awareness of lifelong learning. Keywords: student participation, primary education, partnership, values, skills

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