Kiril Barbareev


Pedagogy has never before been so separated from social relations and generally from children’s, pupils’ and students’ lives. This is so even when it seemed to be located on the margins of social events. The goals of education make sense only when they are generally obligative, which means that they are dependent and associated with pure theoretical sciences such as logic, ethics, and aesthetics. Anthropological, ethical and spiritual sense are deeply rooted in education. All reforms that did not respect this principle failed. Thus the key to success is the person (teacher, professor) and his/her meeting with the child, the pupil, or the student. One of the problems of accessing reforms in the educational system of the Republic of Macedonia is that it is not based on these disciplines and principles, it is not based on this sense, and it does not have philosophical and pedagogical background. The foundation of reforms is in political pragmatism, opportunism and ephemerally set goals. The consequences of these educational policies are: transferring and imposing from other educational systems different programs, regulations, measurements, testing, ranking and benchmarking on institutional and national level which have faced all of us (students, teachers, professors, parents), with the “Japanese syndrome” - forcing of competitive spirit while forgetting that it is the first principle of war in the minds of man, instead of developing reflective and creative thinking. On the other hand, numerous complaints are directed to pedagogy and pedagogues that they have not been able to solve the problems of the educational system leaving them to deal with excessive occurrences in classrooms and schools. While it behaves in an inferior way, pedagogy is not expected to deal with fundamental issues as a social and humanistic force which must prepare the relevant assumptions in making quality educational policies. Keywords: reform, educational system, pedagogy, educational policies.

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