Nikolina Kenig, Violeta Petroska Beshka, Biljana Blazhevska Stoilkovska


The conclusion that the well-known inventories for vocational interests assessment (such as SDS, SII, KSS, PGI) are probably effective tools in career counseling is based on their wide application in that process. Nevertheless, concerns related to their application in different cultural settings should be taken into consideration. This particularly is referred to the regions where the practice of direct “importation” of instruments without previous psychometric analysis or efforts to adjust them to the cultural context is more rule than exception. The article describes the process of developing the Vocational interests questionnaire (VIQ), which is a custom-designed instrument upon request of the Career centers in the secondary schools and the Employment agencies in the Republic of Macedonia. The results suggested that psychometric characteristics of the VIQ are acceptable and it can be successfully used for the target population (high school students under the age of 16 years and young people who want to make a career transition) and for defined goals
(career counseling and research). It is expected that, in the process of its use in practice, more data on its validity and sensitivity will be collected.

Keywords: Vocational Interests Questionnaire (VIQ), psychometric characteristics, career counseling, career choice


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