Blagoja Janakov


In this paper the term creating is defined widely: a process of doing/realizing something which has characteristics. Creating has two aspects: (1) doing/producing – the key here is realizing; (2) creating (in the narrow sense of the word) – the key here is peculiarity/originality of the created. The forms of creating are numerous: building, renewing, making, producing, (trans)forming,generating, inventing, discovering, originating; constructive and destructive; good-making and evil-making; etc. Special creative processes are the changes:growth, development, becoming ill, becoming healthy, etc. Purposes/functions of creating: adaptation, achieving and maintaining wellbeing, self-presentation, self-realization, etc. The products are extremely various: short and longterm, mental and material, useful and useless, etc. Very creative phenomena are: illusions, fictions, infatuation, dreams, etc. The psychological practice, especially psychotherapy, cannot be successful without the act of creating. All people create; people are exeptionally focused on creating and are great creators. They create not only positive, but also negative things. They create things that are and things that are not necessary for survival, but are necessary for something else (wellbeing, improvement, etc.) Creating is necessary for existence, change and development of individuals, communities and the human kind. People have been created and are creators, have been made and are makers. Creating is a universal feature of the beings and the reality. Everything which exists has been created. Without creating the life ceases, the being dies.

Keywords: creating, doing, producing, necessity of creating.

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