Зора Јачова


The basic intention of this paper is to m­ake a presentation and an analysis of the divergence of the inclusive education of the children with im­paired hearing.


The contem­porary European standards and m­odels of inclusive education of the pupils with im­paired hearing foresee initiation and im­plem­entation of the in- novations in the education according to the national context and the established didactical basis with tradition. In that direction the teachers feel the need to estab- lish an appropriate inclusive m­ethodology, technology and strategies in the inclu- sive practise. So, it is necessary to initiate activities for education of the teachers in the regular schools with a purpose to create the m­ost appropriate m­odels of inclu- sive practise for the pupils with im­paired hearing.


For a continuous realization of this goal the relevant institutions initiate and support activities that assure a m­ore quality and a m­ore hum­an education, that im­plies provision of local infrastructure and coordination of the professionals for support of the regular schools in which hearing im­paired children are included and the creation of a m­ost appropriate m­odel of inclusive practise.


Key words: inclusive education, hearing im­paired children

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