Половата поделба на трудот - фактор на женската дискриминација

Сузана Симоновска


Gender  division  of  labour  is  a key category when trying to explain women’s  role  in  all  social  relations. The position held by individuals in the distribution of power is a direct result of the position they hold in the division of labour. That is why this study is fo- cused on the causes which bring about gender segregation and establish male domination. Through analyses of the biosocial conditions for the gender di- vision of labour and the valued opin- ions of “man’s” and “woman’s” place in all cultural and economic aspects of human life, the aim is to uncover the hidden mechanisms of discrimination against women.

The attempt at such a transhistor- ical generalization of the gender rela- tions is aimed at uncovering the exist- ing gender hierarchy which still exists in Macedonia, despite all the laws for

equality between men and women. In order to explain the gender asymme- try, one of the issues which this study focuses on is: How much does educa- tion, as one of the key segments in the social processes, contribute to gender equality / inequality and to gender sen- sitization of young people as a condi- tion of strengthening gender equality?

Taking into account the term divi- sion of labour as a key category, this study contains: a short historical retro- spect of the biosocial conditions for the division of labour according to gender and the roles of the genders; valued opinions  as  a  factor  in  gender  divi- sion of labour and creating stereotypes of men’s and women’s professions; women’s labour and their social status; men’s domination and the division of la- bour; education as a factor in strength- ening gender equality / inequality.






Keywords: gender division of labour, gender roles, discrimination agains women, male domination, gender equality.

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