Економската криза и одразот врз неформалната економија

Јован Пејковски


The current economic crises created numbers of changes in the proc- esses of working and leaving. Beside the legal economic transaction and businesses new forms of dynamic activities which belong to the informal economy were initialized. The presence of informal economy and its impact are well known but in the period of crisis these influences are increasing. That is the base for highlighting the impact of the economic crisis on the new forms of informal economy, especially among the social categories of citizens which are unemployed or in condition of risks, or belong in to the groups for which the society have obligation to take care.


Starting from the findings that are present in the broader framework, this article presents the conditions that generate the informal economy and also different categories of people which created their existence in this sphere. The role of the system in producing the possibilities for informal economy is presented. Also the measures that should be taken for transferring the informal in to the formal economy are explained.

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