Политиката на вработување и економската криза



The goal of this review article is to give an overview of the constitutional solutions and the policy of employment in the Republic of Macedonia. Emphasis is given on scientific explanation of the terms employment and employed. These terms are in direct relation with the right to employment, as a topic that has been elaborated. They are explained from the view of the legal theories in the science of labour law and the science of social law.

From the view of the legal regulation, this issue is highlighted on two levels. Firstly, on the level of our national law, more precisely, the legal regulation of Republic of Macedonia. Secondly, on the level of the inter- national law.

From the view of the legal regulation in our state, the key issue is the con- stitutional-legal regulation; that is, the solutions that are contained in the Constitution. Moreover, the Constitution of Republic of Macedonia guar- antees the right to work, the right to free choice of work, and other rights connected to this right. Our Constitution completely regulates the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Republic of Macedonia. Apart from the Constitution, this article highlights the aspects that are related to the legal regulation of the right to employment, as well as the meaning of the col- lective agreements, which represent specific source in this field.

From the view of the international law, this article emphasizes on ad- equate level the aspects of the more significant acts that are brought on the level of the international community, such as, acts of: The Interna- tional Organization of Labour, the Universal Declaration of the UN, and other international acts. On the level of the regional community shortly are emphasized the more important decisions that contain the European 

Convention for Protection of Human Rights and Basic Freedoms, and the

European Social Decree.

The second segment relates to the employment and the policy for em- ployment. The goal of the review is to emphasize that in order to have increased employment in Republic of Macedonia the state and its bodies should predict and undertake complex measures and means. From this complex measures and means, this review points out two, according to our thinking, important activities and measures. More precisely, we stop at the development of agriculture and the foreign investment in our coun- try.

We consider the agriculture to be significant branch in the economy. This business, with its branches and sub-branches will have influence on the engagement of suitable human resources to fill out the newly opened working places. This business will be developed with opening of small and medium enterprises. With the development of the agriculture, the lost trust in this field will be returned. This appeared because in some of the phases of the development of our society the belief was formed that the agriculture does not have perspective, or future. This contributed to have large migration from the villages in the cities and leaving of the settle- ments outside of the cities.

Foreign investment represents the key activity for the development of the economy, and with that the employment itself. With the foreign investment the economic development of Republic of Macedonia can be fostered. Through this the update and application of best practices and strategies is made. In the frames of the strategy of foreign investment net economic gain is secured for Republic of Macedonia. On the other side, even the services of the investors are secured. The foreign investors in our state have the possibility to use the products and services of the Macedonian enterprises. Through the analysis of the investment conditions suitable suggestions for changes and additions to the legislation will be given in order to improve the investment climate.

Through these key measures we think that that they will contribute to the realization of the employment policy in Republic of Macedonia, as con- siderable task and obligation of the responsible bodies of the Republic of Macedonia.

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