Децентрализација на здравствената заштита во делот на менталното здравје - отпочнување на процесот на дехоспитализација

Иван Трајков


Facing the problems and all the negative sides of the centralised mental health system developed an opportunity for a big change and real reforms in this area such as decentralisation of the health care- taking the patients out, in their natural environment and continuing with the treatment there. The process of de-hospi- talisation puts an accent on the reintegration of the patients, their transformation from patients into users of mental health care services and their reintegration in the society. The main goal behind the de-hospitalisation is to secure a complete social inclusion of the patient through: continuous improvement of the legislation, education of the administration, overcoming prejudice, setting up centres for men- tal health care within the communities.


Psycho-social rehabilitation means activating the community resources, including the family in the rehabilitation process, working on individual programs for rehabili- tations together with the users of the service. De- hospitalisation is an alternative to the main stream, mental health care in a hospital. Developing a concept for mental health care within the community would propose for a total revision of the current psychiatrist services, building a close relationship with the patients, improving the quality of the service and at the same time this will decrease the stigma and help the process of social reintegration. This should be an imperative to any society.


The goal is to establish a flexible health care service and improve both the treat- ment and the prevention in the areas of mental health.


Key Words: de-hospitalisation, decentralisation, psycho- social rehabilitation.

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