Поимање, карактеризација, класификации и индикатори на социјалната исклученост во домувањето во Македонија

Зоран Костов


This paper elaborates on the social exclusion in housing sector as a complex social phenomenon with its own characterization, classifications and indicators – all in strong correlation with other forms of social marginalization.

Based on the approach elaborated in this paper, the social exclusion related to the housing is a consequence of three fundamental barriers – economic, socio-cultural and legal, which at the same time are related to the persons that are facing the social exclusion in this segment, and to the living quarters and locations that are segregated as a result of a given set of social circumstances.

While lacking precisely developed indicators for measuring the social exclusion in the housing sector, this paper is presenting points that refer to the substandard and poverty housing, limit the access to a home and to the financial sources for improvement of the housing, or imply legal insecurity resulting from the informal character of the housing.

Understanding the social housing as a compensating mechanism of the social exclusion in the housing sector is also of interest to this paper. It is observed that in Macedonia, this concept is understood in various ways, with risks of misinter- pretation, but also, that the normative framework for the housing sector which is in development, is expected to envision beyond the projects for the construction of state-owned social dwellings for specific population groups, that way enabling a perspective for the integrated approach towards poverty reduction and social inclusion in the housing sector.


Key words: housing, social exclusion, poverty, social housing

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