Континуирано образование и надминување на социјалната исклученост на старите лица

Сунчица Димитријоска


This paper analyzes the continuing ed- ucation of the elderly in relation to: the need, coverage, availability, quality se- cured, and obstacles in achieving what is defined by the laws in the education system.

Education of the elderly should lead to significant progress on eradicating of poverty and overcoming the problems of the elderly in the systems of social protection, labor market / unemployment, health care which are leading to further social exclusion. Differences in education of the old population are source of status differences in later life. Exclusion of older people from continu- ing education is specifically expressed in those with incomplete primary, i.e. secondary education, and poorer peo- ple as well as people from rural areas. This opens space for the further exclu- sion of the elderly.

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