Корпоративна социјална одговорност - нова перспектива во справувањето со невработеноста на локално ниво

Слаѓана Србиноска


Challenged with global problems,including the economic crisesand natural disastrous, the concernabout the local problems is left to thelocal communities’ ability to deal withit. The local communities depend ontheir ability and creativity to utilizethe local resources in dealing with localissues, like unemployment, socialprotection or the social wellbeing.With the globalization, manycompanies recognized the need toobtain local support for their businesses.They are aware that localsupport means improved social image,better employees and growing potential.With this in mind, these companiesdevote their time and resources toinitiate community development projects,create possibilities for voluntarywork, offer continued education andtraining for youth and adults, andprovide support for skills’ developmentprograms.Recently, we have witnessed thepioneering efforts by some of thelocal businesses to invest in the localcommunities in the Republic ofMacedonia. In 2010, the recentlyestablished Coordinating Committeefor Corporate Social Responsibilityawarded 15 Macedonian companiesout of 75 nominated for corporate socialinterventions in their communities.These companies implementedcertain social interventions aimedto: offer employment to orphansfrom the orphanage, provide fellowshipsfor educational degree, initiateprograms for social inclusion, trainingsfor entrepreneurship and skillsdevelopment and investing in infrastructuralimprovements in the communities.This paper will try to answerthe question: Can the corporate socialresponsibility and the corporatecommunity investment have an influencein lowering the level of localunemployment? The paper will presentcomparative experiences fromEurope and USA on recent trendsin corporate community investment,and will present examples of sociallyresponsible practices in coping withthe unemployment. An emphasis willbe given to the potential of coordi-rating, more committed nated effort between the current governmentemployment programs andthe possibilities that the businessesoffer in the Republic of Macedonia.Can we state that the social corporateresponsibility is a new perspectivein dealing with social problems,including the local unemployment?

Key words: corporate social responsibility,community investment,unemployment, socially responsiblepractices.

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