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In November 2011, the EU and China are ready for new leadershipchange, and both o f them t ry t o draft n ew EU-China policy to engage comprehensively;after 2008, China has been active in the EU affairs, and even both parties sit together todiscuss the solution of the EU financial crisis. More and more heads of the EU governmentsbelieve that China is playing key role to support European economic growth and solution offinancial problem. In addition, the barrier of military cooperation between the EU and Chinahas not removed since 1989, and both of them have interest to discuss how to turn newpage of the EU-China military cooperation under the EU-China new leadership.This paper aims to analyse how the EU and China cooperate to tackle the EUfinancial crisis, and how the EU and China restarts military cooperation under the newleadership that refer to the Ireland's EU Presidency and the Chinese Xi Jingping in 2013.This research applies the Comparative Case Study Research Design to set the two abovementionedquestions in order to analyse how the new leadership responses by, and itemploys the Neo-liberalism to be the theory base to analyse the EU-China relations in theEU financial crisis and military cooperation. At last but not least, the research process databy the principles of the OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence)The research finding speaks that China has strong willing to help the EU solve theEU financial problem, but China cannot avoid risk while helping the EU financial crisis, buttherefore, China provides h elp b ut n ot m uch. I n a ccordance w ith the EU-China militarycooperation. The EU cannot skip political stress from the USA, and they have no process tolift up the weapon embargo against China, but more and more countries have alreadyhelped or cooperated with China in military field, because more and more Europeancountries have been tired of US-China hostility or competition, and they voice for China, andbelieve China has no threat against the EU member states.

This paper concludes that the EU does not stop persuasion toward China tocooperate w ith the EU to solve the EU f inancial p roblem, but China does some but notmuch in this issues; with regard to the EU-China military cooperation, China still continuesto lobby the EU to drop the weapon embargo enforcement, and persuade the EU to restartmilitary cooperation, and furthermore, the EU has change mind and position to favour Chinato restore military cooperation, and plan to a serial policies to prevent the political pressurefrom the United States.

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