Sergej Cvetkovski, Goran Zendelovski


The desire of the Balkan peoples to gain their large national states will bethe main cause of the Balkan wars. A Balkan war has left open burning questions that are stillsubject to controversy and potential producer of instability. The model of large nationaliststates which was successfully applied by some of Western European countries proved to bedevastating for the Balkan states. In an attempt to follow the hawkish method of unificationof Italy and Germany, at the beginning of the last century Balkan countries has started awar against Turkey and war between themselves. And although their aspirations wasn’t fullysatisfied, however it can be noted that with the exception of the Macedonian people, theperiod of the Balkan wars is the only instance in modern history where some people haveachieved their nationalistic goals. After the Young Turk Revolution, the Balkan nations willform the Balkan League and will begin accelerated preparations for war. Efforts of the GreatPowers to prevent the outbreak of war was insufficient and futile. By the end of November1912 armies of the Balkan League in war against the Ottoman Empire has been victoriousalmost everywhere. After the signing of the armistice on the ground, the diplomatic arena willbe transferred to London. Two simultaneous conferences are held there in December 1912 inorder to be determining the fate of the Balkan Peninsula. By the spring of 1913, antagonismbetween the Balkan allies has reached the endpoint. The new War for Bulgarians was a chanceto annul established alliance with Serbia in order to be gained all Macedonia. In that way,the Greater Bulgaria could better dominate the Balkans. Greeks and Serbs haven’t been notonly faced with the possibility of sharing rich region with each other, but also to prevent theBulgarian hegemony. At the end of the Second Balkan War the Treaty of Bucharest on 10thAugust 1913 will be signed between Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Greece. Allparticipants in the Balkan wars have suffered disappointment and defeat in trying to realize the question introduced at war. But the real sufferers are the Macedonians who were subjectto division.

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