Journal History

Социолошка ревија The Sociological Review is journal that is issued for the first time in 1995 by the Association of Sociologist the Republic of Macedonia and Institute for Sociology - Faculty of Philosophy within Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje. The Социолошка ревија The Sociological Review welcomes papers that examine sociological issue and related discipline.


Социолошка ревија The Sociological review Sociology is a fully peer-reviewed, international journal. Contribution to Социолошка ревија The Sociological review are divided into following


-        Articles featuring original, (theoretical, empirical and methodological) peer –

-        reviewed articles;

-        Sociological debate featuring invited contribution on topic related to

-        the ongoing scientific debates in sociological research;

-        Reprints contains reprint of selected research articles, especially those published in non – sociological journals;

-        Translations;

-        Book review and other contribution of scientific and professional interest.


The journal offers a forum for discussion and debate on important social processes of our time.

Reviews that discuss regional or national specific production, if connected and discussing with more global issues would be more welcomed.


Contribution for Социолошка ревија The Sociological review should be in English language, and the papers will be published only in English, with extended abstracts in Macedonian language.


How to submit a paper

Review articles can be submitted to

  • Социолошка ревија The Sociological Review,

    1. Reviewing procedure


    Submitted manuscripts (except invited contributions) are subject to peer review. The names of reviewers are not disclosed to the authors of the manuscript under review. The reviewing process takes up to three months. The editors rely heavily on the judgments of the reviewers, although they are not bound by them. The authors are informed of the board’s decision; in case of rejection or request for modifications, the authors receive an explanation or a specification of the modifications suggested by the referees. Resubmissions should address comments provided by the referees and the editorial board. The board may contact an external referee to comment on resubmissions if necessary.


    2. Final manuscript


    Upon acceptance, the authors are asked to provide the final manuscript prepared according to the style and layout guidelines specified below. Социолошка ревија The Sociological Review provides final English editing. The editorial board retains the right to edit submitted contributions. Manuscripts requiring extensive editing will be returned to the author for approval before typesetting. Final pagination and insertion of running titles is arranged by the publisher.


    Authors contributing to the Reprints section must provide a written statement that they were granted permission to reproduce their contribution.


    After publication, each author receives at least one hard copy of Социолошка ревија The Sociological Review as well as an electronic version of his/her contribution in PDF (Acrobat) format. The authors are granted rights to reprint and distribute their article and make it available on their or their institute’s Internet site. In the latter case, they have to include a complete reference to Социолошка ревија The Sociological Review (listing all the authors, year of publication, title, volume of the Социолошка ревија The Sociological Review, and page numbers).