Wit Hubert


The paper tries to describe the social consequences of changes in the cognitive strategies that are taking place under the influence of information and communication technologies diffusion. Author reviews the latest sociological and psychological research in the human brain evolution caused by the explosion of digital technology. Review of the dominant scientific approaches and making profit and loss account in humans’ basic cognitive processes allows answering the question, about the changes in social relation forms and cultural participation patterns. Social aspect refers to the problem of social bonds atrophy based on loss of empathy in electronic communication. The cultural aspect of the problem is based on coexistence between two knowledge systems: expert system and system of dispersed knowledge. These issues are described in the context of generational gap, which exist between people, for whom digital world is the only known environment (digital natives) and those who immersed in it during their adult life (digital immigrants).

Key words: knowledge, cognizance, information society, internet, new media, digital natives, digital immigrants.

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