Abstract:The author will try to explain deviant phenomena of corruption and its presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is known that corruption, as a form of organized crime, occurs in post-conflict societies - which Bosnia and Herzegovina is - with characteristic crisis of morality and disturbed system of values. Corruption implies multiple outcomes for the whole society and all its segments, because of the negative social phenomenon, which has enormous political, legal, economic, social, cultural, moral and other consequences. The article describes the types, aspects and extent of corruption in our society, and the possibilities and ways of combating them. The word corruption etymologically comes from the Latin word “corruptio” meaning wickedness to commit depravity, debauchery, bribery or forgery3 (Vujaklija, 2007:480). Corruption in any society is a complex phenomenon, and in our culture it is most commonly identified with willingness to receive a bribe. Bribery is a universal phenomenon present in all modern, civilized, societies and nations. However, regardless of how complex this phenomenon is, it is perceived as dishonest and criminal directly endangering the economic, political and social power of the society. Corruption is also present in the highest levels of government in the form of judgment processing in the judicial or law enforcement system. The prevalence of this form of corruption is a clear indication of the kind of rule of law that reigns in a country. It is typical for underdeveloped countries and societies in transition. Corruption is often an obstacle to private and foreign investment, trade and economic development where certain business activities of private companies may be affected by crime in various forms from blackmail and extortion, carried out by organized criminal groups, through serious fraud, vandalism or threats. These forms of actions prepare fertile ground for the spread of organized crime. Keywords: Corruption, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Crime

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