Abstract: It has been a little over a hundred years ago (1906) since one of the most influential and controversial sociological studies of the German sociologist Max Weber: Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism appeared. Weber invested a considerable amount of effort in order to sufficiently develop the concept of the soul, so that it could serve him for a comprehensive sociological analysis of the entire history of the occidental new age of capitalism, in order, inter alia, to point out the relationship impact of culture and religion on the phenomena of social and economic development. Since then it seems like that orthodox societies have fallen into the trap of waiting for an “orthodox Weber” (Dragoljub Djordjevic), and attempting to pass some meaningful judgment about the Orthodox Ethic and the Soul of Capitalism. This paper is an attempt to indicate the possible different approach, that namely Orthodox societies had, and that they should keep their metaphysics (Hegel), which makes the creative force of national life and soul, that spiritual clip that establishes a hierarchy of values and moral order with which the nation creates and is held together. In other words, every nation that wants to be a nation should become a “historical individual” (Dilthey). The power of a nation emerges from its stand-point, and the power of the Orthodox societies has been and is to be the Orthodox ethics. In contrast to the utilitarian ethics (good is what is useful), which has become a way of life of the Western man, unlike the ethics of Buddhism (passive suffering and submission to the evil), Orthodox ethics is an ethics of work, action, live examples and it has created and spawned a humane and spiritual Orthodox housefather. The basic housefather principle reads: God is the housefather of the World, the Christ-loving ruler is the housefather of a country, the devout Orthodox man is the housefather of a family. To be successful means to be a responsible housefather in relation to the property which he is entrusted: gather and do not dissipate, create and do not destroy, enlarge and do not decrease... This is - roughly speaking - the status of each Orthodox housefather on the basis of which developed orthodox economics and society as a whole are to be built. Keywords: Orthodox societies, Orthodox ethics, housefather soul, globalization.

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